What Can I Tell My Family?

Monterey Criminal Defense

Can I Talk To Family?

After you are arrested it would not be unusual to have a feeling of absolute shock. Often after people are arrested they want to talk to someone about what has happened to them, it is human nature. Getting all of this out and telling someone who loves and supports you sure would me it feel better, right? However; we caution our clients about what they say and whom they say it too. We are reminded of the grandchild, who after have being arrested, called to his grandparents to have them pick him up from the Monterey County Jail. Of course, on the way home the young man was emotional and beside himself, after all he had never been arrested, handcuffed or put into the back of the police car, much less had to undergo the embarrassing and scary environment of the initial holding tank. He is emotional and embarrassed so he decides to tell his grandparents all about why he got arrested, what happened and what was done. At this point grandma and grandpa have become witnesses against their own grandchild and if called to testify they would have to testify truthfully about what was said on the ride home that night. The point is that you should not speak to anyone but your attorney about the facts of your case. If you tell your friends or families you could be putting them and your case in harm’s way. If the police are talking to YOU, you should be talking to ME. Text (831) 521-6265 with requesting a no obligation consultation. If you have read this far, you deserve at least that!