Arrested! What Not To Say!


I Have To Tell Someone

After you have been arrested for an alleged criminal act, you will be given a court date that is several days or weeks after your arrest. Many people are in shock at this time and do not do anything about moving their case forward during this period while wait for the first court appearance. During this time you should be finding an attorney to represent you as quickly as possible. The reason for this is during the weeks before your court date, but after your arrest, the district attorney and the police are already working on your case. If you wait until right before your first court date to hire a legal representative, you will already be behind the curve and at it early disadvantage.

Monterey Criminal Defense Attorney: The unimaginable happens. You are arrested. It does not matter if you are guilty or innocent, when you get arrested, it still feels the same. At some point in the arrest and booking process, it will be decided if you are going to be held at the police station and released with a citation to appear in court at a later date. It is also possible that you will be transported to Monterey County Jail and either released after you are booked and post bail or if you are really out of luck, you could possibly be detained on a “no bail hold”; this can happen if you have other cases, or on probation or not in this country legally.

ArrestedIn any event, at some time, in some manner, it is quite possible that you will have to contact a friend or loved one for assistance. If you are being released on a bail bond, you will have to call a friend or family member, on the outside, to arrange that. If you are booked and released from either a city or county jail, you may well need to call a friend or family member for a ride home. When you get home, especially if you are wrongfully accused or mistreated, the experience will remain in your head for a long time to come. For the average person, the urge to tell someone about what is going on with you is great; avoid the temptation and I will tell you why.

Being arrested sucks. Being arrested sucks even more if you have done nothing wrong. When people are taken to jail, guilty or not, and then released there is a natural tendency to want to talk about the experience. When you get out of jail it is natural for your friends and family to ask about what is going on. If you have done nothing wrong, I think that you can stick with simply saying that to your family, but nothing more. Tell them that it will work itself out and that you should talk to an attorney before you put them in a difficult spot. If you have done wrong and have something to worry about, I suggest that you politely tell your inquiring friend or family member that you do not want to tell them of what you are (wrongfully) accused of as it could put them in the unfortunate position of being a witness against you.

imageI recall the story of the young man, several years ago, who was bailed out of county jail by his grandmother. On the way home, the grandson poured his heart out to his grandmother. When the time for trial was approaching the District Attorney made it clear that they would be calling grandma as a witness against her own grandson, as he told her what had happened. Because of the unwilling grandmother waiting in the wings, the grandson’s options for a successful defense were greatly diminished and he was forced to take a deal that was not as good as it would have been if he had just known to keep quite and not talk his experiences, before speaking to a qualified criminal defense attorney.