Jail Mail-Legal Ambulance Chasing

Jail mail

Privacy Invaded

When you get arrested the ambulance chancing attorney types do an end run around California State Bar ethical guideline by buying your name from a “data collection company” for the purpose of sending you an “informative newsletter” which, in my opinion, is just a shady way to get their boot in your front door to have the opportunity to sell you their legal services in you weakened time of legal desperation. Modern snake oil salesman.

Clients often bring in stacks of such “informative newsletters” confused by the many differnt opinions, options and bait-and-switch prices. If you dig through that stack of letters you will notice that my office has not sent you, what I consider, one of the offending letters. I believe that these letters are obtrusive and violate the privacy of the newly arrested. Let me be clear, these are letters designed to capitalize on your fear of the unknown looming legal process. If you live with roommates, your spouse or girlfriend, your parents on have your mail delivered to your place of employment and you have made the very understandable decision no to share your recent arrest with these people, then it would be fair to say that the receipt of a dozen letters from these carpetbagging lawyers just took the option of keeping your private business private.

Jail mailI have always been against the legal loophole that allows such letters to flood your mailbox before you have a chance to access your legal situation and to decide who to tell, or not tell, this very personal information. I feel that these letters are in poor taste and benefit the mailing lawyer and not so much the outed defendant.

If you bring me all of your jail mail letters, I will offer you a $200 discount for being bright enough not to hire the lawyers who put their wallet before your personal privacy.